Prioritizing Your Needs

There are needs and there are wants.

These needs and wants are two separate parties of which we need to know thoroughly.

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I do believe that we need to prioritize our needs instead of prioritizing our wants, because the needs are what make sus survive, and living a life without needs would surely not be a life because life would be impossible if we cannot have our needs, because it is our needs. We need it. It is not just some thing that you  want to fancy on and put as a decoration in your horse, it is  your need. You need this  to have life. You need this.

Prioritize your needs over your wants because these needs are the basics of life, these are  the fundamentals of life, these are the building blocks of life, these are the vital things that makes life form out of the void.

Samples of our needs are our food, our water, our shelter. That is what we need. We do not need to have cars, to have airconditioning units, to have gold nclaes, diamond neclaces, bracelets, to have chocolates, to have marble floors. What we need to have is to have that something that will fuel us that will support our lives, that will push us ever closer  to our dreams, to our goals, and in the future and in the process become a successful person.

That is what we need to have, to know what is right from wrong, and that we need to prioritize the more important things first. We need to not just spend our money on whatever there is without thinking. When we spend money, we should first learn to know if what we are spending would be beneficial to us, beneficial in a sense that would contribute  to our well being, and not just for some fanciful or nonsense stupidity that it may be.

Our needs are not wants, because sometimes we may not want them because they are not that pleasing. This is where  irrationality comes in, this is where the need for more rationality comes in. Because what usually happens is that we are more inclined into looking and prioritizing the pleasing things that look good, and we forget to give importance to the needs because usually these needs do not really taste good, dooes not look good, and does not feel good. It may be boring and dull, but hidden within its dullness is its importance to our lives, just like  water, just like healthy food, vegetables, proper shelter, those kinds  of things.

Prioritize your needs.



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