Removing Luxurious Wants

Luxury is good, it makes your homes look wonderful, it makes you look wonderful, it makes the world look wonderful. They add aesthetic value.

luxury photo

But this I tell you, luxury only makes the world a place which is more inclined on the unneeded things, on the nonsense things in life, on the stupid things. It just sucks the money out of us, leaving us broke, leaving us with no room to spend money on the more important things in life. It makes us disabled, disabled in a sense that we cannot have the things that we want, as a result of us spending money on the unneeded  things in life.

Most people don’t know the difference between needs and wants.

Remove your luxurious wants, because these luxurious wants are the things that shows to us that the important things in life become unimportant.

You need to remove your luxurious wants because this is the thing that makes you bankrupt, this is the thing that sucks the money out of you, as well as of course, the energy, and the positive vibes, because once you get hold of these luxuries, you feel happy, but this happiness is only temporary.

This is what makes luxurious things different, it is because they only serve happiness to us in just a very short span of time,  because they make us feel that we need to have more. Through time we become sick of them, and so we wanted to have  more, and when we wanted to have more, we wanted to have something which is better, and better means the things which have a higher price.

Luxurious wants are what makes this world a materialistic place to live in. It is what makes our world very complex, very complicated, and that it makes us broke, and makes us financially disabled, and it twists us, it makes us materialistic, and transforms us into a different person. It changes us not for the good, but for the worse.

Which is why we need to remove this from our system, take it out and throw it away so that we will feel lighter, and the feeling of complexities and complications as a result of these unneeded luxuries would be thoroughly gone.

It is just fine to be simple: no need for luxurious goods, luxurious things. What we need to do is to be proper, to be decent, to be right. That is  what we need to do to be happy, that is what we need to do to have a meaningful life.

Remove your luxurious wants, and you will see the true wonder of your life.


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