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Rewarding Yourself

What you need to when you have worked hard for something, is to reward yourself, treat yourself, and make yourself feel happy with what you have accomplished, because you have succeeded in doing it.

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I do believe that we need an inspiration, we need a motivation that will drive us towards our goals, and the thing that will push us forward is the rewards that we need to give to ourselves, because we move through a process in our lives, and it is through this moving process that we need the fuel that would propel us forward.

Of course, when we do something, we have breaks, we have stops, and when we have these stops, we might see that we have certainly and surely have come a  long way, and because of this, we see the pride in ourselves and we become happy and satisfied. We become like this because we are proud of ourselves.

Treat yourself, give yourself a break, a relaxing moment, a leisure time, so that you will be fueled more to pursue it, because there is never an end to something. There are times that it seems that you have already mastered something, there are times that seems that  you have already given it your best shot, and that you may think that you have mastered that specific something, but in reality you still have not. Perhaps you have, but you need to not stop, you need to find other ways that you can use for your potential.


Knowing the Limits of Your Wants

I do believe that we all have limits, and that these limits are the ones that gives balance to our lives, and to the world. It is these limits that shows to us that we cannot have everything, because when we do, then that would mean total chaos and complications would arise because of this.

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Know the limits of your wants, because when you have much more wants than your needs, then you are surely going to go bankrupt and you will lose all of your money, your wealth. I do believe that you need to take care of them and learn how to save, because that is what you need to do for you to know the limits of your wants.

Do not succumb into the wanting obsession of something, because this is irrational, this is illogical. What you need to do is to know  on how to know the limits and know if it is worthy to be bought, or worthy to be called yours. If not then might as well do not have it or own it, because it is not too much useful  to you.

Which is why you should know on where to stop, where to put yourself, and put a stop to your shopping spree, because when you go shopping, what usually happens is that you just go  out there, look and  search for something, and when it pleases you, you put it into your shopping cart, and you buy it, without the thinking process if you really like it, because you are overwhelmed with your wants that you wanted to have.


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