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Seeing the Wonder of the World

We need to be able to see that there is magnificence all around us, and that we need to know the fact that we are living in a world that has so much wonder and beauty in it.

I do believe that this is one way of being able to give value to the world around us, and this leads  us to take care of our  world,  take care of our surroundings, and see to it that we are doing the good  things in life, all because we have that compassion and  understanding that the world that we live in is so much previous and that it is vital for our survival. We need to do just this because this will bring us  to greatness, this will bring us to the life that all of us wanted, this will put an end to our nonsense and stupidity because this world that we are living in is a world that is all about the love, the harmony, the wonder of us all.

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You see, everything in this world is connected, and whatever we see in this world is all about the connection and the interconnection that emanates in all of the things that are present in this world. It is all about the connection and interconnection that we can see and feel the effects of this world, and that we need to do good for us  to have a  good surroundings, because then again everything is interconnected with each other.


The Freedom with Money

Money is not the root of all evil, but the love of it is.

If we do not stay idle, if we know the value of life, if we dare to go beyond the limits of this world, of this life, if we work hard, then we will have a good life. One should value what resource he already has and build from there on.

Every now and then we get asked:

What would you be doing and where would you be if money was not a problem?

I do believe that all of these things are all related into becoming the best of what we can be, and that we need to know that there is a paradise that is waiting at the end of our journey if we just work hard for it.

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You know, this paradise that I am talking of is not a paradise that just comes out of a sudden, but instead, it is a paradise that comes out if ever you work hard for it. It is something that you need to make the most  out of yourself and see to it that you have what it takes for you to feel the wonder of life, simply because you have the power to do so.

What I am saying here is the buying power, and you will have this buying power if you work hard for something. You need to be active in life, you need to search for ways on how to earn a living. You need to search for ways on how you can make yourself worthy of life, worthy of taking space in this limited world, because your life has a reason.

You are the one who has the power to bring in the balance that this world has, you are the one who has the power to do that.


The Increase in Responsibilities

Each and every one of us may have felt that the world is becoming more difficult as we go on with our lives. And as we age, and we grow a year older, our perception of the world starts to change, and we kind of see that there is something changing within our environment, our surroundings, and our selves.

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We then think that this is normal, and  in reality, it is indeed normal. It is normal because as we go through life,  we gain experiences, we gain experiences that teaches us a lesson, and we  are loaded  with more information, which is why all of these things compiles on us and piles up on us. But the different thing about this  piling up on us, is that it is generally a good thing. It is a good thing because you are taking within you the  things that you need to know and carry with you such as the lessons in life.

And with this, you gain more power, you gain more capabilities, you gain more power to do something, which is why you also gain more responsibilities. This happens because with more power comes greater responsibilities. And that the more you go deeper into life, the greater you see the reality of life and that the reality of  what I am talking about is the reality  that we need to do something with our lives. We need to work hard for something, we need to see something, and we need to learn that this  something that we are doing is for the good of all, and for  the good of ourselves.


Valuing the Resources that You Have

Before the day ended, I was able to reflect upon the recent successes and failures I had in my life… and then I worried. We know we tend to worry about our our current situation in this modern world at times. Whether it be our family, career, business, finances and what-have-you.

We may tend to worry much about the future. We might let scarcity get in our way of thinking and make us unwise decisions. One thing I’d say to you: don’t be. I came to this conclusion on our way to a party with friends (Oh, these stretch Lincoln limousine we rode on was perfect!).

If we have something, we must be happy that we have it, we must give it importance because not everyone is given the chance to have what we have now. There are important things in life that make us happy and it differs in each and everyone of us.

Count your blessings!  do believe that we are blessed and we are very fortunate if we have something, and that this is because of the level of being fortunate that we should feel the value of  things and feel gratitude among ourselves, because gratitude is the one which brings in good vibes to us. It makes us feel happy and it keeps us motivated to go through life.

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Valuing the resources that we have is also one way of saying to yourself that you are happy with what you have now, and that you would surely be doing good because of  the your resources, because you’ve worked hard for it, you spent energy and time doing it, and now that you have these resources, you then reap what has been sown.

I do think that gratitude (like what this video I just watch points out) plays a very important role in the valuing process because when you have gratitude, you become thankful, you become the person who is willing to look at what he  or she have now and gives himself or herself a break, a reward of some sort, because you value your hard work, as well as your resources.

Valuing your resources, your things, is also one way of saying that you care for it, and that you also care for your own life. You do not just treat your things as garbage, because you love it, and you know that this is yours, so why would you treat your things as garbage?